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The Shadow House

Two-channel video installation, wood, dollhouse lighting, ink, paper, photograph

TRT: 0:49


2022 - Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe, NM

2019 - Currents 826, Santa Fe, NM

w/ Enrico Trujillo 

The Shadow House is a small, sculptural video installation created for the multidisciplinary project The Bella Ribbons Project. The image of the burning house appears as several iterations in the project in an array of drawings, videos, and films. Here, it is constructed in three-dimension using 3D mapping technology to project the flames on the exterior of the house. The installation consists of a dollhouse that is a miniature replica of the house in the experimental short film Bella. There is an open window above the front door allowing viewers to peek inside revealing an empty interior with a framed portrait of Bella, the protagonist. The house floats within a sphere painted in Black 3.0, a 99% light absorbent black acrylic, creating the illusion of an infinite black hole in the corner of the room.

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