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On March 27, 2024, Sarah Stolar will perform in Living Dioramas for a Museum for the Future with Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Balitrónica Gómez at the Saint Joseph’s Art Society in San Francisco to celebrate the 50-year legacy of Gómez-Peña's performative work. They will be joined by original core La Pocha Nostra members Juan Ibarra and Violeta Luna, Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens, Pita Zapot, Justin Hoover, and others to reimagine Gómez-Peña's essential works, including the Temple of Confessions. Originally staged in 1995-96 with Roberto Sifuentes, the Temple of Confessions is a large-scale interactive performance work that creates a theatrical and ceremonial space for the reflection on ethnic, racial, and gender prejudices.

Temple of Confessions:

Saint Joseph’s Art Society:


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The School of Visual Arts BFA Visual & Critical Studies presents the solo exhibition Sarah Stolar: Selected Works from The Grief Club at the Flatiron Project Space in New York City.


The show runs March 21-April 19, 2024 with an opening reception on March 21st from 6-8pm. Sarah will exhibit series of new paintings, a new large-scale drawing, and other works from the project.


The Grief Club an interdisciplinary body of work presented as a fictitious nightclub. The motivation to create this work is a result of Sarah’s desire to use dark humor and irony to explore the emotions of grief. It is informed by 17th century Dutch vanitas paintings, with their references to pleasure and the certainty of death, and the Kübler Ross model of the Five Stages of Grief, which she has personified as entertainers. They embody the Celtic tradition of keening women — paid mourners who wail lamentations, feast, dance and perform provocative acts in a party-style funeral called “the merry wake.”

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On January 1, 2024, Linda Mary Montano and Sarah Stolar hosted a virtual, participatory performance titled CRY-A-THON. Guests were invited to 'real or fake' cry with Linda and Sarah for one hour as a means to release grief for the new year. Rooted in the Celtic tradition of keening women (mourners who wail on behalf of others), Linda and Sarah cried along with the group, and for those who felt they could not cry. This is the first in a series of performances about human emotion for Linda and Sarah. In the summer of 2024, they will host a LAUGH-A-THON. Date TBA.

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Sarah Stolar will exhibit a neon installation and large-scale painting in the exhibition Now: As a Consequence of Fact at Pen + Brush in New York City. 


Now: As a Consequence of Fact is the third iteration in the ongoing series of "Now" exhibitions, that mean to acknowledge Contemporary Art's ever-changing landscape while introducing new artists. These rolling exhibitions are designed to put forth new viewpoints while relinquishing the posturing of market trends and false importance often associated with commercial art endeavors by resisting fixed timelines and tackling temporality. As such, Now: As a Consequence of Fact builds on the evolving nature of "the now" as it pertains to the present and reminds viewers of the impossibility of a finite definition of Contemporary Art, by bringing together more than twenty works by thirteen artists that span media, scale, and time. Works included in this exhibition are seemingly products—or consequences—of our increasingly unpredictable social, political, and environmental circumstances. The exhibition runs October 12 - September 9.


​Sarah Stolar will present on the panel Representing Women in the Visual Landscape and Record at the 2023 Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) Symposium. Chaired by Jenny Ustick, Sarah Stolar and other artists and organizers involved with the creation and selection of public and institutional art will discuss their experiences, while addressing their awareness of historical biases in the subjects represented in such works. The panel will discuss strategies for best practices and considerations going forward.

Hosted by the Art Academy of Cincinnati, the 2023 Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) Symposium, "What is Freedom?", takes place November 8–10, 2023, in Cincinnati. "What is Freedom?" seeks to explore and share values, pedagogies, research, challenges and successes, bringing students, faculty, and administrators together in sometimes difficult dialogues regarding institutional climates to develop an inclusive vision for high quality art and design education.

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Sarah Stolar has multiple works included in WORD, a virtual exhibition and catalogue on text in contemporary art presented by Gallery 44 and curator Rula Jones. The exhibition runs September 17 - November 3, 2023.

Gallery 44 is a distinguished, digital platform gallery and an exclusive small press, dedicated to illuminating artistic voices from around the world. Gallery 44 curates dynamic, relevant and thematic exhibitions, meticulously craft comprehensive catalogues, and selectively produce limited editions. Gallery 44 is resolutely committed to advancing international artistic dialogues and furthering the nuanced discourse of contemporary art.

Virtual exhibition walkthrough:

View the catalogue:


Sarah Stolar has multiple works included in the NYC art collective Paradice Palase summer 2023 online group exhibition. Titled from an included piece by Sarah Stolar, this presentation centers the emotionally charged through-lines of anxiety, grief, longing and worry, and the dissociative ways we combat, cope, and accept these trying truths surrounding daily life. The exhibition runs July 27 through September 10, 2023.

Paradice Palase strives to democratize the market for both creators and patrons by offering career-forward networking, programming, and resources, as well as curated online exhibitions for early-stage collectors. They also manage Oasis Studios - a 13-person studio building - in Brooklyn, NY. Kat Ryals and Lauren Hirshfield founded the platform in 2017 as an enacted critique of the entry barriers found within the contemporary art world. A three-woman operation, Paradice Palase is the love child of DIY and art world utopia.


Alien Planet 2.22, a short film and the first iteration of an ongoing film and performance art collaboration with Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Balitrónica Gómez of La Pocha Nostra, premiered on the website Performance Art Video in July 2023. PAV is a platform to explore performance art on video founded on the principles of solidarity and inclusion. PAV aims to consolidate a space for community building by performance making, strengthening dialogues between the artists and their supporters to target the crucial urgencies of our contemporaneity. Along with EmaLee Arroyo, Sarah Stolar contributed to the film as a cinematographer and performer.


In June 2023, Sarah Stolar was the artist-in-residence at Casa Museo Sur - Guillermo Gómez-Peña's family home and art studio turned exclusive La Pocha Nostra alumni residency in Mexico City. While in residence, Stolar worked on small drawings and research for future works as well as video and photographic collaborations with Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Balitrónica Gómez, Chellet Eugenia, and Federico Tello.


In June 2023, Sarah Stolar will attend La Pocha Nostra International Performance Workshop at La Escuela Superior de Artes de Yucatán in Merida, Mexico. This exclusive workshop includes a selection of 12 International artists, 6 Mexican national artists, and 10 artists local to Merida interested in exploring the intersections of identity and transforming their artistic and personal practice psychomagically.

Founded in 1993 in Los Angeles, La Pocha Nostra is Guillermo Gómez-Peña’s ultimate and most long-standing project. La Pocha Nostra is a transdisciplinary arts organization & 501-c3 non-profit that provides a support network and forum for artists of various disciplines, generations, gender complexities and ethnic backgrounds. La Pocha is devoted to erasing the borders between art and politics, art practice and theory, artist and spectator. For 25+ years, LPN has intensely focused on the notion of collaboration across national borders, race, gender and generations as an act of radical citizen diplomacy and as a means to create “ephemeral communities” of rebel artists.


Sarah Stolar's large-scale painting Sex Goddess - portrait of interdisciplinary artist Jessica E. Blinkhorn - was featured in the April 2023 edition of Womanly Magazine, Issue No. 07: S-E-X — Celebrating the Spectrum: An Issue on Sexual Diversity. Womanly Magazine is a Black-owned women's health and wellness magazine. The magazine provides accessible health information to women and non-binary people through visual and literary art.

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Sarah Stolar will present The Shadow City: A Project on Light and the Reality of Forms on the panel: Make/Believe: Real and Fake, Reified and Fabricated at the FATE National Conference, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Denver, CO. The conference runs April 13-15, 2023

FATE (Foundations in Art: Theory and Education) is an educational association dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the development and teaching of college-level foundation courses in both studio and art history.

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On February 5, 2023, Sarah Stolar will present a virtual studio visit hosted by the New York artist collective Paradice Palase. The Virtual Visit series takes a behind-the-scenes look at what the Paradice Palase community members are up to through studio tours and conversations about their creative practices. Virtual Visits take place twice a month on Wednesdays 7pm EST on IG Live.

Paradice Palase strives to democratize the market for both creators and patrons by offering career-forward networking, programming, and resources, as well as curated online exhibitions for early-stage collectors. They also manage Oasis Studios - a 13-person studio building - in Brooklyn, NY. Kat Ryals and Lauren Hirshfield founded the platform in 2017 as an enacted critique of the entry barriers found within the contemporary art world. A three-woman operation, Paradice Palase is the love child of DIY and art world utopia.


Sarah Stolar will exhibit new laser cut drawings in Resonances at CURRENTS 826 Gallery in Santa Fe. This group exhibition features resonant works of Southwest-based new media artists. Through a diverse array of media techniques and practices, these works illuminate the space beyond, creating new techniques of seeing past our present moment. The opening reception is on Friday, February 10th from 5pm-8pm at 826 Canyon Rd. The exhibition runs February 10 through April 9, 2023.


Sarah Stolar will present the solo exhibition Selected Works from The Grief Club at Revolt Gallery in Taos, New Mexico. Exhibition dates run May 13 through June 9, 2023. The opening reception is May 13th from 6-9pm and features a special aerial dance performance by Denver-based artist Cressie Mae.

Sarah Stolar's most current project, ​The Grief Club, is an interdisciplinary body of work presented as a fictitious nightclub. It is informed by the Kübler Ross model of the Five Stages of Grief and the Celtic tradition of keening women — paid mourners who wail lamentations, feast, dance, and perform provocative acts in a party-style funeral called ‘the merry wake.’  The Grief Club tells the story of the women who inhabit this place, young girls who grow up in an imaginary world, and feelings evoked by death and loss.


Summer 2022, Sarah Stolar will be attending the one-month School of Visual Arts Summer Residency program for Fine Arts: Painting and Mixed Media in New York City. SVA’s Artist Residencies offer artists, designers and creative thinkers time, space and a supportive community in which to develop ideas and focus on their artistic direction. In addition to time-honored studio residencies, a variety of innovative professional immersion programs provide opportunities for artists to explore new areas of social and technological practice and engage critically within their field.


Sarah Stolar and Enrico Trujillo will exhibit two collaborative works at CURRENTS 2022: CIRCUITS, the annual art + technology festival. The exhibition runs June 17 – 26th, 2022. The festival marks its 13th year as an international new media exhibition with a return to a full-scale, citywide festival. CURRENTS 2022 celebrates all the City Different has to offer with locations at the Santa Fe Fairgrounds, Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Currents 826, form & concept, and SITE Santa Fe. After two years of reduced scale, CURRENTS New Media is thrilled to expand the annual festival to new locations, exhibiting simultaneously at Southside and Downtown venues for the first time.


Sarah and Enrico will be exhibiting 3D mapped video installation and animatronic sculpture at the Santa Fe Fairgrounds and the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA).


Sexuality, Ableism, and Representation: A Conversation with Sarah Stolar and Jessica Blinkhorn will be presented at the Elisabeth Jones Art Center’s Power Positions Symposium on March 19, 2022. Sarah and Jessica will discuss the nature of sexuality and personal agency of the body as it relates to the disabled community. They will address Sarah’s recent painting of Jessica portrayed in the role of a dominatrix as well as  performance art works by Jessica that directly relate to the nature of disability, sexuality, self-love, and public engagement. The conversation begins at 2pm PST and questions are encouraged. This talk contains explicit language and imagery and may not be suitable for youth.

FinalPoster Final white_Social Post_Social Post.jpg

Sarah Stolar will exhibit 11 recent paintings in the exhibition Power Positions: A Dismantling of Phallacies at the Elisabeth Jones Art Center for Social and Environmental Justice in Portland, OR. The inaugural show opens on Jan 6 and runs though March 16, 2022. Sarah will be giving an artist talk the evening of the opening.


Orbs, a collaborative interactive installation with Enrico Trujillo, will premier at the PASEO PROJECT 2021 in Taos, NM, September 17th & 18th. Orbs is a multimedia environment that invites viewers to engage with multi-dimensional beings who offer reassurance, comfort and consolation. Orbs turns the Taos Plaza Gazebo into a glittering world of light and color, offering a space for community connection through sound and movement.


Bella, an experimental short film by Sarah Stolar and Seth D. Myers, is nominated for Best Experimental at the The New York World Film Festival. The New York World Film Festival is an annual event, where both emerging and established filmmakers from all over the world come together and showcase their work in the heart of New York City. Due to the pandemic, this year the festival will be held online this year from April 30th to May 2nd, 2021.


Sarah Stolar accepted the invitation to sit on The Paseo Project’s Advisory Council in Taos, NM. The PASEO Project’s mission is to transform art through community and community through art.

The PASEO Project’s vision, based on its Core Ethos: Create a platform for art that is experimental, time-based, ephemeral, participatory, and context responsive; Encourage a conversation on contemporary art practices, local /global; Engage the community through education, workshops, presentations; Challenge art and audience, local/global; Support local artists and businesses, emergent/established; Respect art making.

DLAL front cover.jpg

Sarah Stolar’s painting War Machine is included in another timely project by curator Karen Gutfreund - Deadlocked and Loaded: Disarming America. This project includes a multi-venue exhibition and catalogue featuring 36 self-identified female artists. Deadlocked and Loaded: Disarming America is a conversation through art, showcasing work in all media, that addresses our culture of violence and gun issues in the United States—particularly in how it affects women, children, and marginalized peoples.


Bella, an experimental short film by Sarah Stolar and Seth D. Myers, is an Official Selection at the Festival Toi Femmes in Paris, France. Festival Toi Femmes is the first major Parisian international women’s film festival. The festival features films and short films, readings, debates and conferences, music and concerts, and presentations at Cinéma le Lincoln. The film festival date is March 5, 2021.


Sarah Stolar will exhibit in the group exhibition The Idiosyncratic Pencil Redrafted curated by Ann Stoddard. This is Sarah’s second invitation to participate in this annual exhibition. The exhibition will take place January 25 – March 6, 2021 at the Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. Harper Gallery is closed for public viewing at this time. The exhibition may be viewed virtually online.


Inspired by William Henry Fox Talbot’s prescient 1844 “The Pencil of Nature,” Ray Johnson's New York Correspondence School in the 1950s, and the Fluxus movement of the 1960s, The Idiosyncratic Pencil Redrafted is both an assessment and a dare, both a temperature reading of this volatile moment in time and an invitation to reflect. Compounding this challenge is an urgent and overwhelming desire to be heard, seen, and noticed, after nine long months of masked and muffled containment and restraint.


Bella, an experimental short film by Sarah Stolar and Seth D. Myers, is an Official Selection at the Toronto International Women Film Festival. Toronto International Women Film Festival is a monthly and annual festival that celebrates and recognizes films made by talented female filmmakers from all over the world. Bella will screen on January 7, 2021.


Sarah Stolar's small mixed-media work Pocket Games for Little Girls: Cootie Catcher Fortune Teller is exhibiting in Reactional Aesthetics: Art of the 1990s from the Robert J. Shiffler Collection & Archive at Clay Street Press, in Cincinnati. The exhibition, on view by appointment only, will run through October 31st.

During the 1990s, artists worked within different mediums to simultaneously explore individual identity and social constructs. These artists used their own bodies, biographies, alter egos and illnesses to stake out positions relative to mainstream hierarchies and social norms. Artists included in the exhibition are Janine Antoni, Ron Athey, Kathe Burkhart, Luca Buvoli, Mary Carlson, S. J. Curtis, Cheryl Donegan, Karen Finley, Bob Flanagan & Sheree Rose, Nan Goldin, Christine Hill, Sean Landers, Nancy Linn, Barton Lidice Benes, Mary McCarthy, Linda M. Montano, Alix Pearlstein, Trudie Reiss, Helen Sadler, Kerri Scharlin, Julia Scher, Annie Sprinkle, Sarah Stolar, and Pae White.


Three small paintings by Sarah Stolar are featured in the publication Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump by author, curator, and artist Karen M. Gutfreund. The book documents the visual protest and artistic movement against Trump in a curated collection that features the work of 142 artists with over 350 works.

lucy - 1.jpg

Lucy Lippard with Glasses and Notes, Sarah Stolar's oil painting of seminal feminist icon Lucy Lippard, is now in the permanent collection of the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe. Recently acquired as a gift of the artist, it resides with her archives.


Perfect Death, an experimental short video by Sarah Stolar (w/ Laurel Taylor and Price Valentine), will screen at the International Endoscopic Film Festival presented by Axel Contemporary. The series of short films, all utilizing an endoscopic camera, will screen online from August 21-30 in conjunction with Currents New Media Festival 2020.


Perfect Death, an experimental short video by Sarah Stolar (w/ Laurel Taylor and Price Valentine), received an Honorable Mention at the LA Underground Film Forum. The LAUFF is Los Angeles's premier showcase of experimentation in film, video and audio based mediums. It focuses on avant-garde, art-house, independent and no/low budget filmmaking, with the fifth edition taking place in July 2020.


Bella, an experimental short film by Sarah Stolar and Seth D. Myers, is an Official Selection at the California Women’s Film Festival this coming Winter (Dates TBD due to COVID-19). The CWFF celebrates women filmmakers, artists and writers by providing a showcase and networking forum in the heart of Hollywood. The CWFF understands how important it is to hear and see the educated, entertaining and diverse stories of women from around the globe. The CWFF accepts all projects that has at least one woman in one of the key production positions and projects that have a lead female protagonist and/or the story is based around women.


Sarah Stolar will be exhibiting new paintings in the juried exhibition Contemporary Art / Taos 2020 at the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, opening July 2020 and running though April 2021. Curated by Nicole Dial-Kay, Douglas Dreishpoon, and Dakota Hoska, artists living and working in Taos as well as those who have deep roots in the area were invited for consideration; over 300 artists applied with 24 artists accepted.

TLF Promo 1.jpg

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, Currents New Media Festival has been postponed until next year and Tripping the Light Fantastic will be included in the 2021 festival. Sarah Stolar will participate in the 2020 Currents virtual programming, to be announced soon.

Tripping the Light Fantastic, a collaborative interactive installation with Enrico Trujillo, Heather Marie Bergerson, and Seth D. Myers, will exhibit in its second iteration at Currents New Media Festival 2020 in Santa Fe, NM, June 12th-21st. Tripping the Light Fantastic invites the audience to engage with current interactive technology to choreograph their own Screendance experience in a chromatic, time altering, and gravity-free universe of color, light, and sound. This is Sarah's fourth time exhibiting at this annual new media festival.


In March 2020, Sarah Stolar will be interviewed for Praxis Interview Magazine and the Museum of Nonvisable Art. This project is hosted by Yale University Radio with over 1300 interviews in the archive.


In March 2020, Sarah Stolar will be interviewed for the New Mexico edition of the podcast Fifty Feminist States. Fifty Feminist States is a roadtripping, storytelling podcast featuring feminist activists and artists from all fifty US states. Each episode focuses on a single state, featuring the work of one or more activists and/or artists there to explore a local issue from the lens of gender justice and queer liberation.


In January 2020, Sarah Stolar will be collaborating with artists Devon Ludlow, Patrick Boyles, and Keith Riggs on a multi-disciplinary installation for Vital Spaces in Santa Fe, NM. Vital Spaces is a Santa Fe-based 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to transform under-utilized real estate into opportunities for artists to create, present, and connect.


In March 2020, Sarah Stolar will be an artist is residence at Cow House Studios. Cow House Studios is a progressive artist-run school and residency set in the farmland of county Wexford, Ireland. A productive farm to this day, the 180 acres of land provide an authentic and inspirational backdrop while facilitating multidisciplinary practices for artists in residence and students, focusing on cross-cultural learning and creative exchange. The Open Residency Program is intended to offer artists critically valuable time and space to think, research and make new work.


Sarah Stolar will exhibit her five-channel video installation Hospital in the group show Winter Tales at Currents 826 gallery in Santa Fe. This is the first time it has been exhibited since being previously installed for Currents New Media Festival 2011 in Santa Fe, Stolar’s first exhibition in New Mexico. Winter Tales features four previous Currents New Media Festival artists collected together to explore themes of the darkest quarter of the year. From a retelling of a classic winter witch tale through smell to an exploration of inner-turmoil projected into a miniature house and hospital, these works allow us to sink into the deepest reaches of our psyche during the cold season. This show will run early December to late March, interspersed with several pop-ups and events. Opening reception Friday, December 13, 5-7pm.


Sarah Stolar will exhibit new figurative drawings and paintings created within the last year and some while in residence at the Vermont Studio Center - Summer 2018 in Alcoves 20/20 at the New Mexico New Museum of Art. The exhibition opens on October 19 and runs through December 15, 2019. The Alcove Series consists of rotating exhibitions every few years which focus on new work by contemporary New Mexican artists. Since 2012, 80 New Mexican artists have exhibited their work. The series is curated by Merry Scully, the Museum of Art’s curator of contemporary art and follows a format which derives from the founding of the New Mexico Museum of Art in 1917. Alcoves 20/20 will consist of a series of six exhibitions featuring five artists at a time.


Tripping the Light Fantastic, a collaborative interactive installation with Enrico Trujillo, Heather Marie Bergerson, and Seth D. Myers, will premier at PASEO 2019 in Taos, NM, September 13th-14th. Tripping the Light Fantastic invites the audience to engage with current interactive technology to choreograph their own Screendance experience in a chromatic, time altering, and gravity-free universe of color, light, and sound.


Sarah Stolar will moderate the panel PINK: Feminine Aesthetics in the Age of Intersectionality at the The Harwood Museum of Art on June 28, 2019 at 7pm. She invites four New Mexico artists - Nikesha Breeze, Jessamyn Lovell and c Marquez- to discuss the understanding of “gendered” imagery and how “feminine” aesthetics translates in today’s intersectional climate. Informed by Judy Chicago’s research on Central Core Imagery, this panel will consider what constitutes a feminine aesthetic (if anything at all), gender normative imagery, color as stereotype, the ethics of feminist art and inclusivity, and identity politics.

ribbons AAC - 4.jpg

Sarah Stolar received the inaugural Alumni Grant from the Art Academy of Cincinnati (BFA 2000) for The Bella Ribbons Project - an interdisciplinary collaborative effort with Seth D. Myers. An exhibition of single channel video, photography, drawing, and ephemera will be on view February 15th-March 8th, 2019. Sarah Stolar will present a lecture at the Art Academy of Cincinnati on investigative process and screen Ribbons 1-6, a six chapter short, on February 21st, 2019 from 11:30-12:30pm.

1 (1).jpg

Sarah Stolar is returning to the Vermont Studio Center for a four-week residency July, 2020. This is her second Merit Grant to attend VSC; she received the first for her four-week residency May-June, 2018.


Sarah Stolar's third time exhibiting at Currents New Media International Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ribbons 1-6, a six-chapter short from The Bella Ribbons Project - collaboration with Seth D. Myers will screen at this year's festival from June 7th-23rd, 2019.


Sarah Stolar is presenting at FATE's 17th Biennial Conference - Foundations in Flux, hosted by the Columbus College of Art & Design. She will be presenting assignments and updated academic policies that breakdown power structures and uplift disenfranchised students on the panel Love and Compassion for the Underserved Student. The conference is held April 4th-6th, 2019.

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